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When ever is for, wherever is yours.

Okay, I'm getting a tattoo of that.

You bring out strokes of genius sometimes preskoo. ;) Feels like I'm back at school all over. Creativity fluent and never soldered. Reality grew cooler and sometimes colder. Pre-cooler the schools were before October, but still we better shoeshine so congruent it's gotta smolder! Be tulips that grow through boulders! Be pupils of rock and rollers! Be cool kids who stomp the oldies with movements that change the roster so nosferatu's no soldier and golden kings never posers, forever remember your posture and stand strong live long and prosper!!!


i am the very model of a modern major general

I've heard it, can't place it.

Looked it up and I was right, Pirates of Penzance! Which is weird because I've never seen it.

I'm gonna sleep now.

i want fruit gummy

I watt fuit gummy

@BinkyDink @preskoo f...fruit gummy..
but eletrical...

@chris-the-stick @preskoo boiled, but scrambled are good too...

also hello again, how do you do?
i had some soup today, mmm

I'm doing just okay today. Tomorrow will be better

FrEe AidS

please help im going insane :)

Do 15 pushups rn

@238489Y3C8JUREURFR @preskoo saying you have aids is just telling everyone your a chad

thx I updated tinder

My totally original comment that I can 100% guarantee that you have never heard anywhere before, like if you have ever heard this comment before you are legit god, I can positively confirm you have never heard this comment before, no one has ever said this before, which is definitely true, I mean why would anyone ever even think to use this comment, those who speak it will never get noticed 100%, guaranteed, are you even ready to hear this, no one has ever said it before so that means no, prepare yourself, you will definitely need to, here it comes in 3. 2. 1. Here it is: "In the future, humour will be randomly generated"

I actually never heard this before ngl

Have you ever raised your middle finger? When I was in 3rd grade, I raised my middle finger at school and I didn't know the middle finger means the f-bomb until my classmates humiliated me for raising my middle finger.

I haven't done that in a long time, but when I did do it, it was a just a joke among my frens


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

hello i'll take a waffle and two quarter pounder cheeseburgers please

dude I work at Arby's

These are the most stupidest reasons why people got banned from Roblox.
The new ban form is nicer than the old ones.

Those were pretty funny, sirkaotic had some funny ones too

@238489Y3C8JUREURFR @preskoo @preskoo gimme ur tinder link

dammit um can I get a buffalo chicken slider instead

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