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Merry Christmas!
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You forgot @Little-Rena though she isn't my alt

oops fixed

Sooo many clocks. :O Woah. Wonder how many of these are active...

Might need to edit some of those names though. a couple with spaces, underscores are hyphens now, Barq'sClock with the apostrophe... not that you need to edit any at all btw but: for the ones who maybe plan on actually clicking all these links in batch and just having a clock-related nostalgia marathon now, whomever that might be...

oh yeah I see. I'll fix em

Aw you added me, yay

That's a lot of clocks. What will you do with them all?

Good question, maybe I'll categorize them by years active or something.


Faxmachineclock is in da house!

Yes now im faxmachineclock

cool I added you

@Kitty0708 @preskoo thnks

Hello there!

s up BoltClock

@thecerealkiller (CerealBoxClock) (RIP) was added

I just knew 2 of those were.

I made a pfp (It was a random pfp)

looks good! I'm changing mine soon too

You missed me but thats ok at least you know who your supporters are.

I added you, sorry for this oversight

all clocks and clock friends must be accounted for

For every 100,000 residents of the United States of America, there are about 698 of them incarcerated.

thats a shocking statistic

I'm a have to check up in here more often for these fascinating tidbits of random know-how @HumanityPBS...

Also that clock categorization idea would be awesome. Tonna work presumably.

Also you seem to be cycling though maybe all potential *skoo combinations available lately. :P

HumanityPBS has a great idea for helping with checking on newsposts. You could favorite a newspost to a personal favs list, and get a notification every time someone makes a new comment on it.

Ah yeah that'd be great to have! Just like you can do with topics already.

Would be perfect especially for old posts you want to keep track of. Following the newest seems like maybe too much interaction, but so many ones you might want to actively check back on that you'd want to know if someone posts on hmm...

Alternative but not really as good an idea when I think a bit more about it after thinking about it: feed for following all comments specifically on posts of users you follow. Don't think there's one for that just yet...

That's a great idea too.

*might not want to actively check back on

deadskoo :D

Somebody ought to start the wishlist trend again. :) Get some unofficial feature petitions going!

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