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Posted by olskoo - May 12th, 2021

Leave one whenever. About whatever.



also I started my new job,

I'm so glad that there's only one new thing on my feed to look at and not twenty

What video games do you like?

Gimme all the gaemes

(I don't really play racing or fighting games)

Survival Horror is my favorite type

I know you probably want a list of my favorite games. I'm bad at ranking.

You mentioned Saints Row 3 was one of your favorites, 2-4 I would say are also some of my favorites

I can't adult today.

You mentioned you like survival horror games, so I've been wondering ... have you played Splatterhouse (2010) and if so, did you enjoy it?

I never did. My PS3 is broken from the time I tried to replace the disc player and failed so I probably never will now

Whatever I hope to accomplish in this life...

Oh hey, Congrats on the new job!

Ah man your boss is actually on NG too? :D That's super cool! Could I ask if you work all digital,, or are these more hands-on occupations? potential croupier course underway? :P Sounds lucrative either way...

Were you by any chance involved with that now defunct Stat Project site he linked to some ten years back too?

Awesome. :) That really seems like the field to be in right now.

He wrote that at night after work as a side project

I was just an end user along with a couple clocks and this other guy we worked with whose clock name I don't remember (wish I did)

Thanks for the Supporter thingy. You really don't have to, though.

Ah you really go way back though. Cool to know.

Comment responses coming and going here hmm, hope I'm not getting too personal in my quest for curiosity satiating communications...

no, i delete stuff I say all the time after I know it's been read. you can ask whatever you want Cyberdevil.

So hmm, where did you live again? Did I ever get that phone number? Curious what your driver license picture looks like if you'd care to share? :P

Don't really answer that. XD But the Stat Project... am curious what that was all about? Tried doing a Wayback search but seems it was never archived. Anything NG-related?

friday nigth funkin

When did you first play Roblox? I played since July 16, 2017.

2 years ago

@xskoo if you like Survival Horror, Darkwood is perfect for you imo

thanks I just got it based on your recommendation. So it is in my backlog

I'd never heard of that before. I wonder if anyone I know is xenic

poopfart haha

Clown I fuckin love clown

"Statistically, men are killed by lightning 4 times as often as women"
Lightning is confirmed to be sexist!


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